The Legal Department of Your Business

  Are you starting a business, or thinking about starting one?  You already know the operating details which will need to be put into place, but what about Licensing Applications?  Who will handle your Zoning or Permitting processes?  What about Risk Management?  What about the form of your business organization?  Will you be a Sole Proprietor, a Partnership, or do you need the protection from personal liability offered by an LLC or Corporation? 


    We provide knowledgeable counsel and advice regarding what form of entity to select, as well as preparation and filing of all necessary documents to establish a company under California law.  We handle the formation of all types of business entities, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.  We are also available to take care of all corporate formalities for clients, including annual filings with the state of California.


    You may already know about business formation and be able to handle all of the details and documents, or you may want to have an experienced attorney take care of these legal matters for you.  You may simply want the peace of mind, knowing that you've covered all of the bases that will need to be covered

so that you can conduct your business legally.  Please contact us to set up a time for a consultation, to review your plans, answer your questions, and offer meaningful suggestions so that your business has its best chance to succeed.  We want you to succeed, because we want to have a long term relationship with you and your business.

   Do you already own or operate a business?  Having an experienced attorney on tap can help you efficiently resolve day-to-day legal issues that arise.  We work with you and your business throughout its life.  Your business attorney is a valued part of your team, someone you can rely on to help with legal issues as they arise, and, hopefully, before they arise.  Also, in addition to assisting with the negotiation and preparation or review of all business and commercial agreements, we provide counseling for businesses seeking to expand their scope.  We are the Legal Department for your business, whether small or large.

   If your business becomes involved in a dispute, we have 25 years of experience in resolving cases, many times by Mediation or Arbitration - before they turn into Litigation.  Should you have a dispute that can't be resolved early, we are experienced Litigators, and will represent you and your business through Trial.

    Are you going to sell or close your business?  After years of building your business and enjoying the fruits of your labor, you're ready to sell your business, or to retire and close your doors.  In addition to providing counsel when businesses seek to expand, we have counseled business owners such as yourself with matters surrounding the sale of their businesses, and have helped companies through winding down and dissolution proceedings.  We have negotiated and prepared buy-sell agreements for a number of clients, ranging from Professional practices to Micro-Breweries.  Having an experienced attorney on your side to handle the "legalities" can avoid headaches that can arise months or years after your handshake.  Please give the sale or closing of your business the same level of attention you gave to the purchase or opening of it, by having experienced legal counsel at your side.  Contact us: We're here to help you.







    Residential Real Estate is bought and sold every day.  The contract forms are standardized, the biggest concern is the price, right?  Well, maybe not.  A recent case we handled involved a dispute between a buyer and seller.  The contract included two key terms; 1), a "no loan contingency," meaning that the agreement was not contingent on the buyer obtaining financing, and 2), "time is of the essence," meaning that certain events had to occur by set dates.  The buyer did not deposit the purchase price into escrow on the agreed date, the seller gave the buyer an extension, the buyer did not perform, and the seller walked away.  The buyer sued the seller for breach of contract.  We represented the seller at trial, and won the case.

   You might think that "That's a case that should never have been brought," and you'd be right.  The problem was that the buyer did not understand what the key terms of his contract really meant.  He listened to his real estate agent, who was interested in making the sale and collecting his commission, and who wasn't a lawyer.  A Real Estate Contract is a legal document - and none of the parties typically have legal counsel advising them before they sign on the line.

   This isn't a suggestion that you need a lawyer every time you buy or sell a house; the vast majority of sales are conducted without a problem.  But having an experienced real estate attorney available who will take the time to sit down with you, listen to your understanding of the deal, and review the contract to make sure it accurately reflects your intentions, can mean the difference between a successful transaction versus a dispute and the expense of litigation and trial.

   A home purchase is typically the largest single investment an individual or couple will make in their lifetime.  Isn't that the kind of legal agreement that merits at least a brief consultation with an experienced legal professional?

   Also, keep in mind that an oral agreement regarding real property isn't worth the paper it's written on - the Statute of Frauds requires that real property transactions be in writing in order to be enforceable.  If a lender tells you "It's OK, you don't have to pay for 6 months," you'd better have it in writing or you'll end up in default and possibly foreclosure.  The best time to consult an experienced real estate attorney is when you're negotiating and preparing your agreement.  Talk to us before your offer is submitted, or before you accept an offer.  Once the offer is accepted, you may be bound by its terms.  Don't wait until things have gone wrong.

   If you're "in contract" and things go wrong, you know you can count on us to work with you to try to resolve the problem.  If the problem can't be fixed through negotiation, or mediation/arbitration, we will represent you in litigation and through trial.  Don't forget - most standard CAR residential agreements have an arbitration clause.  We can discuss this with you so that you make a reasoned decision on whether disputes will be submitted to arbitration - before you sign on the line.


    Commercial Real Estate transactions take place on a different playing field.  There are a large number of safeguards in residential transactions which are not in place for commercial transactions.   

   If you are considering the sale, purchase or lease of a commercial property, you need an experienced real estate attorney to protect your interests and give you sound legal advice.  You should have an experienced lawyer to consult with, and to review and prepare your agreement so that your contract and supporting documents accurately reflect your intentions, and so that you don't end up with any surprises down the road.  You need to protect your valuable interests.    

   We handle most matters related to the sale, purchase or lease of commercial real estate.  We are experienced in negotiating the terms of agreement, as well as in the preparation and execution of all necessary documents. 

   We are experienced in reviewing and drafting deeds, mortgages and notes, and other financing instruments.  It's what we do on a regular basis - most people never do any of these things in a lifetime, and a few might do them once.  Take advantage of our experience and skill!  We will take the time to carefully explain all the terms of any document involved in your transaction, so that you know what you are signing.  If we can't explain what a document means, it's because it has a problem that needs to be fixed!


     Unlawful Detainer - We represent Landlords in Unlawful Detainer matters.  Most of our services are typically done on a flat or fixed fee basis, plus costs.  Please contact us if you need an experienced, efficient lawyer to handle your evictions in Napa or Solano Counties.


      For additional information, or to schedule a confidential consultation, contact us, or call us at 707-251-3979.  Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 am until 5 pm, and we are available by appointment in the evenings and on weekends. 

Real Estate - It's the Biggest Contract Most People Ever Sign.